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What is this for you may wonder? 
Well, as you may or may not know. I seek and chase adventures all over, which means I also post and share content across multiple platforms. This means there might be something about the brand out there that you might have missed. Things like content updates, Giveaways, Meet & Greet opportunities, Merch drops, Discounts, and more!

Why should you give me your email?
Times are changing on social media. As platforms like Instagram and YouTube continue to evolve, More often than not those changes make it harder for creators to reach their audience! If you already follow me I'm sure you've already noticed that even though I post and share a ton, you don't always see my content. By signing up this gives me the ability to send out a weekly/ Bi-weekly newsletter to ensure you get all the content you might have missed, etc.

But I've signed up for emails from others before and all they did was spam.
We will NEVER spam your email. My goal for this email list is simply to allow me to be in control of my reach and ensure you can see and enjoy my content!

That is why ya FOLLOW me right??
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